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Dogs Body Canine Massage Therapy is based in Hartpury, Gloucester. As well as covering all of Gloucestershire, I also cover parts of Herefordshire and Worcestershire. I have clients in Wales and Wiltshire (Swindon) too.

I have use of a clinic in Marlborough, Wiltshire through Riverside Veterinary Practice.

Dogs Body specialises in Clinical Canine Massage which deals with muscular problems as well as joint problems.  This strong manipulative type of massage brings great results and relief while helping to resolve many sub-clinical, everyday mobility issues you may see with your dog. It also helps to significantly support Orthopaedic Issues like Arthritis and Hip Dysplasia. This unique type of massage for dogs relies on extensive knowledge of Canine Anatomy & Physiology, the movement of tissue over tissue, connective tissue release and the remobilisation of muscle to help break down scar tissue and promote better range of motion in the dogs joints.  
Clinical canine massage therapy is suitable for both the young, active and fit dog as well as the older, less mobile dog.  As well as dealing with muscular and orthopaedic issues, massage is great for preventing injury too so if your dog leads an active working life doing agility, flyball, canicross etc then canine massage can help to keep your dog injury-free.
Pre and Post event massage is also offered to assist a dog before and after taking part in an event such as racing and agility.


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