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I brought Cassie (Greyhound) along for massage treatment as Cassie was walking strangely and would sometimes cry out in her sleep. I wanted to see if canine massage could help Cassie move better and generally make her more comfortable. Cassie is an ex-racing greyhound and had raced over 200 times including trials. After 3 massage sessions Cassie was able to stretch herself out more. She was more relaxed and seemed a lot better in herself. She had a lot of twitching down her back which I learnt were trigger points which can be quite debilitating. After the sessions, Cassie was not twitching as much and was easier to groom as a result as she was not in so much pain. Cassie is generally moving more freely and she hasnít yelped at all since having massage. I felt that the massage really benefitted Cassie and was pleased with the results.

Doreen Fisher


I brought Nye who is a Welsh Springer, to Cath for massage treatment and Nye does a lot of running with me (canicross) and I wanted to make sure he was in good condition and that he wasn't suffering from any muscular issues. Luckily Nye was in good condition and so he has a treatment every 3-4 months to prevent any injuries and to enhance his running performance. I completed a half marathon in April with Nye and before the event Cath came along to give Nye a pre-event massage which she explained was like a pre-event sports massage on a human and great for loosening muscles, improving flexibility and getting Nye ready to run. I also learnt that it would decrease the chance of injury. Nye ran an excellent race and didn't suffer from any problems afterwards like stiffness or soreness and seemed very happy. I will continue with Nye's "maintenance" massage sessions to enable him to continue running well and keep him injury free.

Claire Williams


Ellie (West Highland Terrier) is 16 years old and in the last few months her back legs have been getting very weak, resulting in her losing control of her back legs. She has a dog buggy that she is now using when she gets tired as she is unable to walk very far. After having one massage treatment we really noticed a difference in Ellie. We went to a steam fair a couple of days after Ellie's treatment and she had more energy and wanted to play and interact with some puppies that were there. She didn't want to go into her buggy. She had another 2 treatments after and continued to improve. She isn't losing control of her back legs as much, her eyes are brighter and she is generally more alert and she doesn't spent as much time in her bed now. Ellie is also trotting out to the garden more which is something she used to do but hadn't done for a long time.   Ellie is now also asking to go for a walk by barking at the front door, something she wasnít doing before. Massage has given her a new lease of life! We would like to continue with treatments and Cath has suggested that we contact her when we feel Ellie is slowing down or starting to struggle again. We have already booked another treatment for next month so that Ellie can continue to benefit from massage.

John Rendell 


Kevin is a Greyhound and is nearly 6 years old and when I first brought him to Cath for a treatment he was suffering from lameness in his front left leg. I wanted to see if massage would help Kevin with his lameness issues and ease any general muscle soreness that he had. Since having massage Kevin is walking normally again and is not showing any signs of lameness. He is moving better and if not suffering from any stiffness either. I am really pleased with the results and will definitely book Kevin in for more treatment if I feel he is starting to slow down, get stiff or go lame again.

Sharon Turner

I met Cath at a local dog related show where she was offering free muscular health checks. She saw my Greyhound, Murphy, and I was really shocked at how tender and sore he seemed to be in places. Murphy had surgery on his scapula in January last year and it is now held together with a plate. This was a major operation and as a result Murphy has been lame as his leg is weaker. I wanted him to have massage to see if it would ease his aches and pains and make him feel better. After 3 sessions Murphy was very much improved. He is now moving much better, is not limping and is acting like a puppy and seems to have renewed energy. Before Murphy seemed to be getting old before his time. He is only 6 years old and massage has helped him not only physically by giving him a zest for life but he seems a lot happier too. I have decided to continue with massage to help prevent any further problems arising. Cath has suggested a treatment every couple or months or sooner if I feel Murphy starting to slow down. I am so pleased to have found out about the benefits of massage and Murphy really enjoys his massage sessions!

Susie Western

Amber- I was very sceptical about how a massage would benefit my 4 year old bitch, but as Cath had come highly recommended, decided we had nothing to lose. I booked Amber in and after her first massage she did improve in her general wellbeing and activity. Her agility has since also improved and we actually gained our first clear round!!


Jack- After seeing an improvement in my younger Border Collie I decided to have Jack, my 9 year old, have a few treatments to see if massage would improve his hip dysplasia. He was diagnosed at 3 years old with x-rays and although he still competes at full height agility he would often have poles down due to inflexibility. After his first treatment he was bouncing around like a 9 month old puppy not the 9 year old he is!! He has had several treatments and is due to restart his agility career after a rest break.

Sheila Maynard

My English Springer Spaniel, Taz, does agility and started knocking poles and was also a bit slow and hesitant. I had met Cath at a dog show and she checked Taz over for me with a free muscular health check. She found a few issues and so I booked him in for a treatment. Taz wasn't walking in a straight line - his back end was sticking out to his right and he was also struggling to turn in agility. I was hoping that massage would loosen Taz up a bit and help him with his agility. Cath found a few strains and Taz had 3 treatments initially and since then I have brought him back for a "maintenance" treatment to prevent any further injuries. I am happy to report that Taz is not knocking poles and is doing better with his agility. He has even had the benefit of a pre-event massage at one event before taking to the course and Cath was able to see him do a clear round. Cath has suggested a treatment at the start of the agility season and I will bring him for treatments when I feel his performance start to go downhill or he starts to slow down or get stiff.

Leanne Vallis


I just wanted to thank you for your time doing the massage on both Rocky and Sam, my Border Collies, over the last 3 weeks.   As you know, I brought Sam along to ascertain whether the recent change in his behaviour was due to some muscular issue, causing discomfort or pain. Although you never found anything in that respect, your recommendation that I get the Vet to check Samís rear leg movement is something that I would not have been aware of before now.   And to see him so calm and relaxed when the massage was being carried out was a sight to behold.   I only really brought Rocky along because I was coming with Sam anyway, and at 10 years old figured that he deserved some TLC. It was appreciated that you were happy to work with Rocky on the floor, where he was more at ease, and the difference in his attitude between the first and third week was great. He obviously had more noticeable Ďwear and tearí due to his age but he certainly looks to be more active since we came to see you.
Steve Cutler
Jack was 12 and a half when I first brought him to Cath for massage. Jack is a Bedlington Terrier cross and has arthritis and whilst treated with glucosamine, he was getting stiffer first thing in the morning, in the evening and sometimes at other times aswell. Jack has been having treatment since February 2012 and I bring him for a treatment every 6-8 weeks to help with his mobility. Since having treatments I feel Jack has benefitted as we are able to continue going on long walks. Initially when Cath saw Jack he had a few muscular strains and sore areas. These have improved with massage treatments. Jack really relaxes into the treatments and is very happy to lie there whilst Cath works on him. From an owner's perspective it is lovely to see him enjoying the massage, as well as getting the physical benefits.
I am continuing with regular treatments to keep on top of Jack's muscular and orthopaedic conditions.
Abigail Smith

Hi Cath, just wanted to let you know what an amazing difference it has make to my Greyhound Jester since he has started having massage sessions with you. He has only had 3 sessions and already I feel as if I have my dog back. Jester has chronic arthritis and also hip dysplasia in both hips. Since we had him 4 years ago his mobility has been badly affected and he has been in constant chronic pain, and living on a variety of strong pain killers. He rarely goes off lead as if he runs for more than about 5 minutes he is then in agony. In the house, he had become very grumpy and very withdrawn often not even bothering to get up unless for a walk or food. I decided to give him a massage for a treat not really thinking it would have much impact. After the first one, he was in a lot of pain due to his conditions but this subsided after a day or two. Since then he is a different dog. He is like a puppy again and enjoying life like I never thought he would again. He is chirpy round the house, interested in life again, and smiling at everyone. A few weeks ago I tried an off lead run and to my amazement not only did he love it, but he had no ill effects whatsoever and didn't even need any pain relief afterwards - the first time in 4 years that he hasn't. He is now off nearly all his medication and is like a new dog. In fact my husband is begging me not to let him have any more sessions as he can't cope with his new found excitement! I cannot believe the difference in him and I have gone from being fairly cynical about the treatments to a total convert! Thank you so much from both myself and Jester.

Julie Williams

When my Schnauzer, Heideki, ran before going to Cath he would take days to recover from a short run, now he is jumping & talking like he hasn't even been out, he happily does 6 miles now without any problems & is a different dog in his personality. A lot of people comment on how well he looks & he's strong out running its hard to believe he is 9 years old! Thanks Cath Nicoll I have my running partner back.  Before you treated him we thought he would never run again especially when the vet said it was his knee popping out or his back was the cause of lameness/pain, turns out it was nothing of the sort or even that bad, we didn't want him on pain relief for the rest of his life so sought an alternative, what a huge difference Dogs Body Canine Massage Therapy - (Gloucestershire) has made!

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